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Why do business with Phoenix Metal Works

Phoenix Metal your road to success

Phoenix Metal Works Inc., is your road to success in commercial and industrial sheet metal fabrication. Specializing in complete turnkey air-quality, material conveying systems and custom metal fabrications.

Customers who put their trust in Phoenix Metal Works, Inc. choose to do business with a dedicated and respected fabrication company in Dayton, Ohio.

Our dedication to customer service and unexcelled quality, began as soon as the conception of the company. Through dedication to doing the job right, we have become a force to be recognized with in the fabrication industry

PMW Methodologies

We design, custom fabricate and install partial or turnkey dust collection and ventilation systems constructed from stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel for industrial and commercial applications. Products include collectors, scrubbers, filters, paint booths, blowers, exhausters, insulation, sound proofing, roof curbs, roof reinforcement, equipment support stands, and ducts.

Alhough we are not limited to the above referenced work, we feel we are stronger in these areas than most other contractors, due to the out-standing expertise of our key engineers.

Phoenix Metal Works
2528 Ashcraft Dr, Dayton, OH 45414
Phone: (937)-274-5555
Fax: (937)-274-0866

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Phoenix Metal Works, Inc.
2528 Ashcraft Dr,
Dayton, OH 45414
Phone: (937)-274-5555
Fax: (937)-274-0866

We have a complete staff of engineers and sales staff to answer any questions you may have.

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